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Chidinma - Kedike

I’ll never tire of watching this fun and flirty video with its mesh of modern and traditional aesthetics. Chidinma Ekile, emerged as the MTN Project Fame Season 3 winner after being discovered in 2009.

The above music video is a beautiful combination of her Christian upbringing in Nigeria and her ambition to make it as an African pop music artist. Of course it doesn’t hurt that it provides us with sounds that make an enjoyable jam session.


Clicking my heels for Allen and Fifth.

A throwback to a cold winter day supporting my fellow Nigerian with her amazing t-shit line (Go to store to see the new designs!)

"Allen & Fifth represents two distinct cultures, Lagos (Allen Avenue) and New York (Fifth Avenue), both fast paced cities with so much life and energy to tap from. My tees are designed to strike a chord of nostalgia and curiosity but more importantly, to enlighten people about what Africa and Africans have to offer."

Forever supporting my people in all their endeavors. We should always uplift one another. - Yagazie





I say a lot of harsh things but never let that fool you. Sexism is real. Favoring the rich is real. Stupid court decisions are real. Justice is subjective to a horribly corrupt degree.

This is a prime little example of how biased society can be and frankly it’s bullshit that this kind of thing happens.

Don’t tell me race had nothing to do with this, too.

We need to do better as a nation

And favoring whites is also real let us not play like it’s not.

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